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Prognosfruit, the Annual Apple & Pear Event

About us


WAPA is an industry body established in 2001 to provide a global forum for representatives of apple and pear producing countries. The Association harnesses the collective strength of all members´ inputs to foster and enhance business opportunities for the collective benefit of both sectors. This collective will is essential to help maintain the exclusive position of apple and pears in the minds of consumers and to increase the strength of apple and pear producers on the global political agenda.

Through concerted efforts by its members WAPA aims to:

  • provide a forum to discuss issues affecting apple and pear producing countries;
  • foster and enhance producing countries´ business activities;
  • disseminate market information and thus enlarge producing countries´ knowledge base;
  • match apple and pear supply and demand, whilst pushing for a fair return for producers;
  • nurture and elaborate any initiative of benefit to producing countries and to which members subscribe; and
  • liaise with traders, retailers and consumer to highlight the importance of producers in the supply chain.

The current transient global apple and pear business environment has led WAPA to identify the following priorities which currently direct the Association´s work. These fundamental principles are regularly updated to take account of the new developments:

  • increase consumer demand for apples and pears in a two-pronged approach:
    • facilitate exchange and dissemination of scientific information citing nutritional benefits to boost demand; and
    • introduce common production best practices to ensure the product placed on the market is of the best possible quality and satisfies consumer expectations;
  • improve the market position of apples and pears by developing close links with retail chains; and
  • introduce common language to improve the data flow and facilitate communication within each industry.

To achieve these common goals, the day-to-day functioning of WAPA is coordinated by the Brussels-based secretariat. Regular meetings are convened to exchange ideas and information of common interest and develop strategies to address the above industry-based issues.


WAPA elects a President and Vice-President every two years. The latest elections took place in February 2017.


  • President: Dominik Woźniak (Society for Promotion of Dwarf Fruit Orchards / Rajpol - Poland)
  • Vice-President: Jeff Correa (Pear Bureau Northwest - USA)