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Prognosfruit, the Annual Apple & Pear Event

Nutritional Benefits


Apples & Pears - their place in our daily diets


There are so many good reasons to eat apples and pears, not only are they good for our health* but they are also incredibly versatile, convenient and excellent value for money.



Apples and Pears provide an easy and delicious way to boost our daily fibre intakes - both being excellent sources, making them a healthy choice for sustained energy. As natural foods they contain no added sugars and are naturally fat-free and salt-free. These valuable nutritional qualities make apples and pears perfect snacks for including in any healthy balanced diet.


For one of the most convenient snacks to keep handy, apples and pears are hard to beat- tasty as a snack any time of day or night, for when you’re busy on the go, or as a between meal filler to help keep temptation at bay.


With attractive looks and fibre filling power, apples and pears offer an easy step to health and are suitable for the whole family. They fit easily into a handbag, sports bag, briefcase and school lunch box, so you need never be without a delicious, healthy snack to keep you going until your next meal.


At less than 100kcal for a medium apple or pear, they’re healthier alternatives to other between meal snacks and excellent value for money, so keep some handy in the kitchen for all the family. Encourage children to help themselves whenever they’re hungry by arranging an appetising display in a fruit bowl where everyone will see them!



Being versatile in the kitchen for sweet and savoury dishes alike, apples and pears are useful to include as part of a meal, where they can replace high energy alternatives as well as boost the nutritional quality of the meal.


Enjoy using apples and pears to smarten up salads; add crunch to pasta dishes; and add new flavours and colours to your recipes. Try cutting into wedges (removing the core) and serve with sandwiches and snacks. Encourage smaller children to enjoy munching on apples & pears by offering them a few thick wedges at a time. And it’s hard not to agree that a crisp apple or pear still makes the best accompaniment for good cheeses!