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Prognosfruit, the Annual Apple & Pear Event

Promotion and Consumption


Consumers around the globe love apples and pears for their taste, flavour, nutritional value and convenience. They are the most consumed fruit in the EU, and in the US they are ranked second. In order to further boost the consumption and to spread around the message why apples and pears are already loved by so many people, the industry is investing in research, promotion activities and new outlets such as the fresh cut and convenience business.


The list below provides links to various websites which give an overview about current promotion activities, recipes, tips for handling apples and pears etc. If you have discovered any other interesting websites or are running a promotion campaign, please feel free to provide us with the respective links!





Association Nationale Pommes Poire: 


Bramley Apples for Kids:


Bramley Apples:


California Apple Commission:


Connecticut Apples: (recipes, handling, etc)


Deutsches Obstsorten Konsortium:


Horticulture Australia Limited:


Les Mop: (promotion campaign)


Michigan Apples: (recipes, handling, etc)


New York Apple Country: (recipes, handling, etc)


US Apple Association: (recipes, handling, etc)


Vermont Apples: (recipes)


Virginia Apples:


Washington Apple Commission:




Apple and Pear Australia:


California Pears:


Pear Bureau Northwest: (recipes, handling, etc)