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Prognosfruit, the Annual Apple & Pear Event

PROGNOSFRUIT 2017 registrations have opened!

23-05-17 ¦ News


23 May 2017




The World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) and COPA-COGECA are pleased to announce their cooperation with Afrucat, representing the apple and pear growers in Catalonia, for this year’s Prognosfruit Conference 2017. As of today, the registrations for the 2017 event are open! The Prognosfruit Conference is Europe’s leading annual event for the apple and pear sector, releasing the production forecast for the upcoming season. Information and registration are now posted on the conference website:


This year‘s conference will take place from 9 to 11 August in Lleida, Spain. Francesc Torres Rosell, the President of Afrucat states: “We are very pleased to host the congress Prognosfruit once more in Catalonia. We hope that producers, technicians, managers and associates consider our programme interesting and all of you will come to enjoy our city and our heritage. Welcome to the land of fruit!”


WAPA will release the apple and pear production forecast for 2017/2018 during the business conference on Thursday 10 August. The conference will also review some of the latest topical issues relevant for the apple and pear industry. Besides the forecast and market trends for the fresh and processed sector, several other topics will be discussed as well, such as worldwide apple and pear trends as well as a the developments in the retail sector and their trends.


The conference brings together apples and pear growers, processors and traders from across Europe and beyond with an attendance of around 250 participants. This year the Prognosfruit conference will also be the first time that the new chair of the COPA-COGECA working group on fruit and vegetables will be present, which will be Philippe Appeltans from VBT in Belgium. Philippe Appeltans stated: “As COPA and COGECA we are very pleased to be continuously involved in the organisation of Prognosfruit, as it is an essential conference for the apple and pear sector in Europe and beyond”.


 Philippe Binard, Secretary General of WAPA, confirmed: “Prognosfruit is a well established event on the agenda of the European apple and pear production. Two decades ago, the conference also took place in Lleida, so we are excited to come back once more and learn more about the apple and pear production in Catalonia. We are looking forward to seeing many familiar faces and of course to make new acquaintances in Lleida. The registration is open, so please, sign up and join us!”


An event not to be missed! Join today the 250 apple and pear’s leaders and register online on Registration is now open and an early booking fee is available for registration before 15 June.




CONTACT: M. Philippe Binard / Ms Daphne van Doorn / Ms Helene Deruwe – WAPA –

                    Ms Valentina Mompeó or Ms Marta Canals – Afrucat –


WAPA was founded in August 2001 with the objectives of providing a forum for discussion on matters of interest to the apple and pear business and initiating recommendations to strengthen the sector. The current President of the Association is Mr. Todd Fryhover of Washington Apple Commission in the USA, while Mr. Nicholas Dicey, from the South Africa Apple and Pear Producers’ Association is Vice-President. WAPA membership includes the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Scandinavia, Slovenia, South Africa, the UK, Ukraine and the USA.