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Prognosfruit, the Annual Apple & Pear Event


Welcome to the website of the

World Apple and Pear Association


WAPA is an industry body established in 2001 representing major apple and pear producing countries globally. The Association provides a forum for discussion and pools members to provide a louder voice for the sectors.


All work undertaken is to improve producing countries´ business activities and increase demand for apples and pears, whilst ensuring a fair return for producers.


To achieve these common goals, WAPA holds regular meetings and carries out a range of diverse projects, market analyses and initiatives to allow members to react to changing market trends.


WAPA has a yearly-elected President and a permanent secretariat based in Brussels.



WAPA is the only international apple and pear organisation solely focused on both industries. WAPA is a forum to share production and storage information as well as to discuss marketing factors and conditions.

Quick Facts

Apples and Pears are the most consumed fruit in the EU, ahead of the citrus category.  In the US, apples and pears are the second most consumed fruit, while bananas are the most consumed one.